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HYGGE WEDDING “Simple things make you speechless”.

Do you like stories about the crackling of the fireplace, being intimate, and the exchange of intense gazes?
If the answer is “yes!”, grab a seat and do listen to our whole story.

Yes, ours. It’s not just about me. In the first place, there are our main characters, namely Giulia and Giacomo, and their decision.
“Which one?” you might ask. Look, let’s start from this.

You shall know that the road to wedding is often full of anxieties and confusion rather than of magic.

Magic, if you’re lucky, generally starts popping out later on, once you’re out of the turn of events and you can contemplate the whole picture.
Giulia and Giacomo’s decision was exactly about this: to celebrate their love together with the days, the nights, and all the moments that would have led them to their union. Grasp each little gesture, pay attention to their clasping hands, and grant importance to the few but good people they wanted by their side.

This abstract idea became a theme: “Hygge”.
It’s not that easy to define Hygge since is made out of several shades and impressions. Yet this lifestyle surely made the Danes the happiest people worldwide.

That being said, Hygge could be defined by approximation as a feeling, a social atmosphere, an action linked to a sense of comfort, security, welcome, and familiarity.

The typical Hygge-style icon is a couple under a blanket in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.
Following this path, we climbed a mountain and reached Bologonola, a village on the Apennines.

And, as it happens often, ideas submerged us in the midst of the atmosphere just like snow on the picks:
hiring a little cabin on the mountains, creating a cozy-style set-up with a fitting mise-en-place and bouquet of cotton flowers, a cake table to sweeten whomsoever, and making the wedding dress precious with a warm fur coat. And again, organizing a picnic on the snow, a snowshoeing, and a sledge race. Last but not least, a symbolic ceremony on the plains of Ragnolo as our cherry on the cake.

Now, I am persuaded by turning back to contemplate the whole picture as usual that my own job is an enormous privilege.
Indeed, every part of the way I get the honor of walking togehter with a couple leaves me something special.

What Giacomo and Giulia taught me is something said by a great wiseman:
“Simple things make you speechless”.

Wedding & Event Planner: Minimoony.event
Photography: Radici Studio Fotografico
Model: Giulia Giorgini
Model: Giacomo Falcioni
Location: ZChalet
Wedding dress: Oky Sposa Atelier
Wedding suit: Renemary Sartoria Uomo
Outfit for her: Elle Fashion
Outfit for him: Bulli e Pupe Sport Macerata
Wedding shoes: Andrea Iommi Shoes
Flowers: Roberto Monaldi Fiorista
Stationery: L’idea Grafica
Hairstylist & Make-up: REN-Parrucchieri
Cake table: Dolci Alchimie
Jewels: Gioielleria Vanity Gold