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There’s so much poetry in this sentence by my favorite graphic designer and friend Quepapel.
I quote it since it spells out perfectly what I want to tell you today.

Minimoony was born from the idea that wedding experience isn’t just a one-day adventure, rather it is fed by the path taken to get to live it.
In order to the way full of emotions, poetry, touching memories, Pack Luna Piena can help us thanks to its multiday emotional experience.
What about someone else joining us in this trip?

Since I started my professional activity, I have realized the importance of partnerships with well-selected realities.
If there’s harmony and compatibility, if there’s feeling, reaching goals is a matter of fact and the quality of the process is assured.
Thus, Minimoony proudly presents the tour operator “Il Ponticello”.

Il Ponticello doesn’t just organize activities and walks in the nature.
They help us understanding how to rediscover the value of our time.
As they say in their website, “life is made of choices and we made ours”.
They chose to focus on niche tourism, to travel sustainably and responsibly.
They go by foot with little groups of people and their pivotal topics are:

Eco-tourism and trekking, nature and outdoor activities in Natural Parks, unique and fascinating natural scenarios.
Wine & food tourism: excursions and trips to discover the best local products to grasp how the beauties of the territory turn themselves into delicacies to be tasted and preserved.
Last but not least, cultural tourism: the natural heritage of our territories couples with their incredible cultural, historical and architectonic heritage.

It goes without saying that our offers look like intertwine in such a strong union that I couldn’t help insistingly asking them to carry on our partnership.
By choosing the Full Moon offer or the Tailored Moon one, all the wedding pairs who love nature, enjoy wine and typical food tasting, or wish to explore our territory can select as a side-event one of the experiences created by Il Ponticello, so that they’ll be accompanied hand in hand through an intimate, warm, and engaging atmosphere.

Wedding&Event Planner: Minimoony
Tour operator: Il Ponticello
Sentence “We’ll take a walk around the world hand in hand with the moon”: Quepapel